The Reality of Homeschooling: The Good, The Bad, and The Unexpected

Years ago, a friend of mine asked me, "Have you thought about homeschooling? My immediate reply was, "I don't think I could ever do that!"

I didn't think I had the patience or talent to teach my own kids.

  • Keep them at home 24 hours a day?

  • And what about socialization issues?

  • How would they learn to make new friends or work with other kids their age?

  • Yes, I was one of those parents. I didn't have a clue.

Fast forward seven years later. My oldest daughter had just finished her first year in middle school - and she hated it. Her sister had completed 3rd grade, but did not feel as if she belonged. Both girls had always done well academically, but they were totally unhappy in public school.

With some help and encouragement from my next door neighbor (a long-time homeschooler), I decided to take the plunge. If it didn't work out, they could go back to public school, right?

Well, it's been 6 years now. My girls absolutely love it! With some basic resources and support, it's easy to get started.

  • If you think homeschooling might be for you, read about the requirements, the resources, and the pros and cons of homeschool. And don't forget the social life page. You'll be surprised at what you find.

  • If you're already a homeschool parent, you should also check out the homeschool curriculum and social life pages. And if your child is older, it's never too soon to think about a high school plan to prepare them for graduation and college.

But don't think that it's all GOOD all the time. I have made mistakes along the way and continue to learn and adapt as I go (especially when it comes to homeschooling high school). Then there are the daily dramas - with two teenage girls and a 6-year old who thinks she's a teenager, how could there not be?

With Inside Homeschooling I want to share what I've learned, not only about homeschool, but about how we, asparents, can help our children become the people they were meant to be.

Let me know what you think about this site. You're welcome to make comments or ask questions on the Contact Us page.

You can also share your own challenges and experiences (even vent your frustrations). This way, we can expand our homeschool community and learn a lot from each other.

Help us get to know you by sharing your favorite field trip story here.

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Table of Contents

InsideHomeschooling Blog
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Pros and Cons of Homeschooling
Learn the pros and cons of homeschooling from a parent who's been on both sides of the debate. Like most things in life, homeschooling has some disadvantages, but they aren't what you would expect.
Start Homeschooling With Confidence
To start homeschooling, first become familiar with your state's legal requirements. Then all you need is a little confidence and some basic information. I have the to-do list.
Homeschool Resources and Support Groups
Find homeschool resources in your area. Just remember, you're not alone. There is an entire community of homeschool families out there willing to help and support you.
Homeschooling Preschool Through 5th Grade
Are you homeschooling preschool or elementary school? There are some things you can do now to make sure they're ready for college when the time comes.
Homeschooling Kindergarten Resources
Homeschooling kindergarten for the first time may be a little intimidating. Which subjects should you teach? Can I really teach my child to read? I'll show you how easy it is to get started.
Homeschool Curriculum Basics
Choosing a homeschool curriculum can be overwhelming. With so many options available, how do you know which one is right for your child?
Popular Homeschooling Programs
Compare the top homeschooling programs by subject. Find the curriculum that works for your child's learning style.
Homeschooling Curriculum Guides for Success
Check out these homeschooling curriculum guides before you plan the next school year. Compare the most popular programs and learn where to find them in one easy step!
Homeschooling Online: Is It Right for You?
Does homeschooling online sound appealing to you? Want to learn more about it? Here you'll get the facts about accredited schools, online high school classes, and more.
Used Homeschool Curriculum Sources
Search for used homeschool curriculum before you spend a small fortune on new textbooks and supplemental materials. Don't know where to start looking? I'll share strategies that I've learned.
Free Worksheets and Resources for Homeschool
Free worksheets and printable worksheets for your homeschooler. From phonics to math you'll find many activities to supplement your curriculum.
High School Homeschooling Plan
Avoid high school homeschooling confusion. First, you need a plan - before your student begins 9th grade (preferably before they begin 8th grade). I have a few suggestions to get you started.
Starting High School at Home
If beginning high school at home makes you a little nervous, you're not alone. I believe all homeschool parents experience that brief moment of panic at the thought of teaching 9th grade and beyond.
Home School High School: Sophomore Year
So you have a home school high school student starting the 10th grade. What do you do now? Keep this sophomore checklist handy for easy reference and continue to follow your high school plan.
Benefits to Homeschooling High School Juniors
You'll see the benefits to homeschooling - flexibility is the key - when your child starts 11th grade. Because this year your life is going to get VERY busy! Serious preparation starts now.
Advantages of Homeschooling High School Seniors
The advantages of homeschooling really shine through during the 12th grade. But she'll need your help this year with college applications, financial aid deadlines, and choosing the right school.
Homeschool High School Testing
Check out the homeschool high school testing schedule before your student begins 10th grade. Find out which tests to take and when to schedule them.
High School Student Resume
Get your high school student resume ready. I'll show you how to make a neat, organized, polished document.
The Truth About Homeschooling Socialization
If you think that homeschooling socialization is limited, you've been misled. Learn the truth from a parent who once believed this myth.
Homeschooling Field Trips
Explore ideas for homeschooling field trips. You'll discover many ways to supplement your curriculum <em>and</em> get your child excited about learning at the same time.
Homeschool Events: Convention and Fair Schedule
A list of upcoming homeschool events including college fairs, curriculum fairs, conventions, and more.
Homeschooling in Alabama: Master's Co-op
Are you homeschooling in Alabama? If you're looking for friendship and support, I recommend that you join your local co-op. You'll find that our state has many resources for homeschool families.
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