High School Homeschool Sports

Does your high school homeschool student need a sports program? I've got great news for you. Finding a team or individual sport may only be a phone call or a click away.

College Youth Programs

We'll start with a major resource that many people may not consider - local colleges and universities. Check out their youth programs. Football, softball, and soccer camps are often offered in the summer, but other sports, such as swimming, may be available year-round.

Crimson Tide Aquatics (CTA) at The University of Alabama is popular among homeschoolers in the Tuscaloosa area. CTA has a great program for youth interested in competitive swimming.


The Y provides opportunities for team sports such as soccer, swimming, volleyball, basketball, and gymnastics. Physical fitness classes like karate and baton twirling may be available.

Find the YMCA near you to see what they have to offer. Our area Y has started a Homeschool P.E. class!

Upwards Sports

Your church may have an Upwards Sports Program the children would enjoy. Does your child like basketball or cheerleading?

If she's never participated before, this is a good way to get her active this Fall. Also, playing with friends makes learning a new sport more fun.

Homeschool Sports Organizations

When she's ready to move on to junior varsity and varsity sports, she can try out for the teams with the local homeschool organizations or groups.

In northwest Alabama Tuscaloosa Home Educators (THE) holds tryouts for competitive sports such as basketball, volleyball, and softball, depending on the season and the level of interest. So if you live in our area, check them out and join a team!

Church School

If you're teen is into sports and you live in a state like Alabama that requires homeschoolers to register with a church school, then you should check out the athletics programs first.

Most likely, they'll offer varsity and junior varsity football, boys and girls basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, and some may have tennis and track. You should ask about all the high school homeschool activities before you choose a school.

Community Athletics

You may have a variety of sports in your town. My daughter played softball for three years at our local ballpark. Every year they had several teams for each age division for each sport (football, baseball, softball, cheerleading).

Our teams competed against one another and other teams througout the county. Other towns have teams that compete at the regional and state levels.

Out of the Box

Keep your eyes open. You never know when a unique opportunity might present itself in the form of an advertisement on the side of the road. My daughters were in the market for a new sport and there it was - RIDING LESSONS! That was it. Now they live and breathe horses and can't imagine a future without them.

My oldest daughter (soon to be a high school grad) wants to try out for the college equestrian team and major in Equine Studies. More on that later.

A sign also caught our neighbor's eye recently. Her daughter is now taking dance lessons. Not a traditional sport, but still very physically demanding and fun.

So have an open mind when it comes to these things. You never know where trying something new might lead.

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