High School Homeschooling:
Planning Ahead

How do you avoid high school homeschooling confusion? First, you need a plan - before your student begins 9th grade.

Make sure your student is ready for the advanced high school courses that many colleges require for admission. There are simple steps you can take, starting in preschool, that will prepare her for these challenging classes later on.

Look over these college prep checklists for the details.

Homeschooling Preschool through 5th Grade

Homeschooling Tips for Middle School

High School Homeschooling Plan

While you're child is still in middle school, take a look at your future. See what's involved in preparing for the high school years.

Start with a high school plan.

Meet with your school administrator (if you have one) to make sure you're on the right track. She can help you map out your student's required classes and electives for the 8th through the 12th grades.

Before drafting your tentative high school plan, you should:

Know the graduation requirements.

  • How many credits does she need to graduate?
  • Is there a different plan for the college bound student?
  • Which classes are required?
  • How many electives does she need?

If you're not a church school homeschooler and need help finding this information, try these tips for planning high school.

Stay organized. If you don't have a portfolio, start one.

Be sure to include activities such as sports teams, clubs, enrichment activities (including co-op), community service projects, and any achievements/awards your child may have earned during high school.

Make a list of colleges she might like to attend. Then you can contact the admissions offices to find out what they would like to see in your portfolio.

Write everything down.

Each year you should keep up with your classes, credits, and activities with a homeschool planner.

Extracurricular Activities

Design your program with your student's uniqueness in mind. Help her choose electives and extracurricular activities that she enjoys or excels at.

The flexibility of homeschooling provides excellent opportunities to try new things. Through this process, she may be able to choose a career path and the college that will help her achieve her goals. Click on each category to learn more.



Community Service

Encourage your child to participate in community service. She can volunteer at hospitals, animal shelters, or visit nursing homes, just to name a few possibilities. My daughters volunteer at a horse rescue, where they learn how to nurse mistreated or abandoned horses back to health.

Join a club such as the Honor Society or Key Club where the students plan community service projects throughout the school year.

Check out these high school homeschool clubs!

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