High School Student Resume

Get your high school student resume ready. I'll show you how to arrange all of the home school activities, jobs, and volunteer projects into a neat, organized, polished document.

Personal Information

Your name, address, telephone number, and email address should be at the top of your high school student resume.

Then you'll add your education information, placing it along the left margin. List your church school/school name, address, telephone number, and expected graduation date.

For each category on the resume, as with a job resume, list the most recent information first. Then continue with the rest in reverse chronological order. You should include the dates, name of activity/award/job, and a very brief description of your duties or awards.

School Organizations and Activities

The greatest amount of experience for most high school students will fall into this section of the resume. It will include organizations like Student Government Association (SGA), Home School Honor Society, Key Club, and Beta Club.

You can also list activities such as yearbook editor/photographer, book club, newspaper/newsletter crew, or other special interest clubs. If you're into drama or music, be sure to add talent shows and other public performances.

Colleges like to see well-rounded students with leadership experience. If you were an officer or leader in any organization, be sure to highlight that. List those activities first (for each year category).

School Honors and Awards

Examples of school honors/awards include the National Honor Society and organizations such as The National Society of Home School Scholars, where you may be invited to join based on your academic accomplishments.

Also list any awards received from sports like football, baseball, softball, etc.

Community Organizations and Activities

Here you'll want to show how involved you are in your community. Whether it's with community oriented clubs like 4-H Club or involvement with church missions, these activities show that you're not only focused on being a good student, but you're also striving to be a good citizen. You're concerned about the world around you and you have a lot to offer any college.

So list your church or community organization, and don't forget to show your volunteer activities. Were you involved in a fundraising event? How much money/items did you raise? Did you volunteer at a hospital or animal rescue center?

How many hours did you volunteer for each project? Hopefully you've kept track of your community service hours. Otherwise, estimate the hours as best you can.

Community Honors and Awards

Don't worry about school related honors here. You've already covered those. In this section, you'll consider things like contests, competitions, and honors associated with community clubs like 4-H Club's Freestyle Demonstration (just one example).

If you were essay contest winner or a science fair winner you should definitely emphasize those achievements.

Did you win an award for your fundraising effort? Put that in your home school high school student resume.

Work Experience

In this category you'll want to list paid and unpaid work experience. In most cases, a high school student will have little paid work experience. Therefore, it's important to include unpaid jobs to show other skills your child may have acquired during her high school years.

Paid work may include babysitting or other part-time jobs. Has your child ever taken care of your neighbors pets while they were away? That counts as a pet care job. Have your boys tried a lawn care business? Put it in the resume.

Can't think of unpaid work experience? What about volunteering at an animal rescue center (in our case, horse rescue center). Has your child volunteered at a hospital, nursing home, or library?

Does he have a leadership position at church? Consider everything your child has done for the past 4-5 years. Is he making money with an E-Bay business? That would be impressive!


IMPORTANT! Before you choose your three references, call them to ask permission first. It's common courtesy to ask before you give away anyone else's personal information. Also, you want to give them a head's up so they'll be prepared when the college calls them to ask about you! Could you give a glowing recommendation of anyone without preparation? I know I couldn't.

Who should you ask? People who know you pretty well, either through your academic or volunteer accomplishments, or on a personal level. You might try a teacher (other than a parent), church school administrator, club leader, a neighbor, or a church leader.

After getting the approval of your three references, you'll need each person's name, title/position, address, telephone number, and email address.

When it's complete, proofread it several times. Then print it out and ask others to review it, too. It must be neat and easy to read. Don't stress about it too much. It's not difficult to compose a high school student resume, it's just time-consuming.

Now get busy!

Click here to see an example high school student resume.

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