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Top Alabama Museums

Alabama museums make great homeschooling field trips. Choose a subject such as history, art, or science and you'll find a museum that will provide a memorable educational experience.

Continue reading "Top Alabama Museums"

Homeschooling Kindergarten Resources

Homeschooling kindergarten for the first time may be a little intimidating. Which subjects should you teach? Can I really teach my child to read? I'll show you how easy it is to get started.

Continue reading "Homeschooling Kindergarten Resources"

The Truth About Homeschooling Socialization

If you think that homeschooling socialization is limited, you've been misled. Learn the truth from a parent who once believed this myth.

Continue reading "The Truth About Homeschooling Socialization"

Homeschooling Curriculum Guides for Success

Check out these homeschooling curriculum guides before you plan the next school year. Compare the most popular programs and learn where to find them in one easy step!

Continue reading "Homeschooling Curriculum Guides for Success"

High School Homeschool Clubs and Organizations

High school homeschool clubs and organizations can be an important part of a teen's social life. Students can participate in group field trips, service projects, and other activities.

Continue reading "High School Homeschool Clubs and Organizations"

ACT and SAT Preparation Tips

Learn how to prepare for the ACT and SAT! This is a list of test prep options and resources to help you. I'll also tell you how my daughter improved her ACT score and received an academic scholarship this year.

Continue reading "ACT and SAT Preparation Tips"

Homeschool High School Testing

Check out the homeschool high school testing schedule before your student begins 10th grade. Find out which tests to take and when to schedule them.

Continue reading "Homeschool High School Testing"

Homeschooling Preschool Through 5th Grade

Are you homeschooling preschool or elementary school? There are some things you can do now to make sure they're ready for college when the time comes.

Continue reading "Homeschooling Preschool Through 5th Grade"

High School Homeschooling Plan

Avoid high school homeschooling confusion. First, you need a plan - before your student begins 9th grade (preferably before they begin 8th grade). I have a few suggestions to get you started.

Continue reading "High School Homeschooling Plan"

Moundville Native American Festival

The Native American Festival is October 10th through 13th at Moundville Archaeological Park. Our 4-H club visited last year and had a great time! Find out more...

Continue reading "Moundville Native American Festival"

Dauphin Island Alabama Field Trip

Our trip to Dauphin Island Alabama was one of our favorite homeschooling field trips. While on a family vacation we saw an opportunity to educate the girls with a visit to the island's museum.

Continue reading "Dauphin Island Alabama Field Trip"

Homeschooling in Alabama: Master's Co-op

Are you homeschooling in Alabama? If you're looking for friendship and support, I recommend that you join your local co-op. You'll find that our state has many resources for homeschool families.

Continue reading "Homeschooling in Alabama: Master's Co-op"

High School Homeschool Planner

Are you struggling to keep up with all of those important dates for your college bound student? This article will help you get organized with a homeschool planner. I'll share which dates you need to know and how to keep up with them.

Continue reading "High School Homeschool Planner"

New Event!

Pacific NW Homeschool College Fair will take place on Oct 20, 2012. Check out the details - it's FREE!

Continue reading "New Event!"

Example High School Student Resume

Do you need an example high school student resume? First, take a look at my daughter's resume, then you may find it easier to design your own.

Continue reading "Example High School Student Resume"

High School Student Resume

Get your high school student resume ready. I'll show you how to make a neat, organized, polished document.

Continue reading "High School Student Resume"

Advantages of Homeschooling High School Seniors

The advantages of homeschooling really shine through during the 12th grade. But she'll need your help this year with college applications, financial aid deadlines, and choosing the right school.

Continue reading "Advantages of Homeschooling High School Seniors"

SAT Test Prep: The PSAT

For SAT test prep, preparing for the PSAT is the way to go.

Continue reading "SAT Test Prep: The PSAT"

Online High School Classes for Homeschoolers

Looking for online high school classes for your homeschool student? Start your search with these challenging courses.

Continue reading "Online High School Classes for Homeschoolers"

Homeschooling vs Public Schools

Homeschooling vs Public Schools: Is one better than the other? In Part 1 of this article you'll earn some of the pros and cons of public school through one family's experiences.

Continue reading "Homeschooling vs Public Schools"

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